Fall 2017


Welcome to the first issue of the GBS CONNECTION!

  GBS is excited to offer you an additional resource to help support you in achieving the most effective HVAC solutions. It is written for professionals just like you, who can benefit from understanding important product updates, new technologies, and other relevant HVAC news.



  Announcing: Several new products have been added to the GBS product line portfolio!



We make it a priority to provide our customers access to the newest technologies from manufacturers you can trust.

Our wide-ranging and well-established partnerships mean you have access to an expansive product line that continues to

grow and evolve with the industry.

           AAON WATER-SOURCE HEAT PUMPS – Innovation &             Performance




Keeping true to their tradition of utilizing cutting-edge HVAC technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, AAON's new WH Series Horizontal and WV Series Vertical Water-Source Heat Pumps are specially designed to accommodate today's rigorous heating and cooling standards.

They are designed to ensure performance, serviceability, and even customization. Some features include:

1.Convenient bottom service access                     4.Waterside economizer

2.Aluminum cabinet construction                          5.Low sound package

3.Hot gas reheat dehumidification                       6. Replacement ready sizes:                                                                                              Call for details.                        Plus, you can count on a five-year parts warranty when you choose an AAON WSHP.




GBS now offers two high energy saving products from Hitachi: Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) and Duct-Free Mini Systems. Hitachi is a pioneer in the VRF technology with over 30 years of experience. As the name implies, the SmartFlexTM Product line is known for efficiency and comfort, offering reliable and flexible energy saving solutions. Plus, you can count on superior support and logistics to make your job easier. 

SmartFlexTM VRF Systems are available in two designs ranging from 3-30 tons: heat pump with two-pipe systems and heat recovery with three-pipe systems. These products are uniquely designed to achieve extremely high efficiencies based on the individual heating/cooling area. They are ideal for a range of existing and new building designs including buildings with restricted space. Both the SmartFlexTM VRF (6-30 tons) and the SmartFlexTM Mini VRF (3-5 tons) offer an array of control options to ensure the most convenient and efficient operation possible as well as a VRF change-over box for heat recovery. 

SmartFlexTM Duct-Free Mini Systems are the perfect solution for light commercial needs. They offer the ability to customize with various single-zone and multi-zone options. These systems are designed for energy savings, include flexible system options, quiet comfort, and precise control. Applications include buildings with remote offices, small businesses, electrical and IT closets, and areas with stringent heating or cooling requirements such as wineries.

  Featured MANUFACTURERS                                                                                                                                                        Fall 2017